Saturday, June 5, 2010

Max's newest trick

Max has learned a new trick, crawling!  But don't worry, he hasn't forgotten any of his old tricks, mainly grabbing everything he can and immediately shoving it in his mouth.


Jessica Shaw said...

Wow!!! He looks like a natural cruising around. Can't wait to see it in person!

Anonymous said...

Well little cousin CONGRATS!! ON the whole crawling ability. I am impressed as well as proud of you. I guess now that crazy cat cannot hide from you now cause you have the ability to crawl him out of what ever corner he is in. Well, happy crawling little cousin and continuing miles on your knees and soon on your feet. Well, little cousin keep up the miles on your knees until you can start using your feet. I hope to see you again. Love You Max and say hello to your Mom and Dad for me. Love Your Cousin , Ariana

Nana said...

Wow Max! we just saw you a few days ago and you were not this fast. I can only imagine what you can do by August when we see you again. Time to break out the baby proofing stuff