Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Helping Hand

We spent a great, busy weekend in DC for Emily's wedding. It was a great time. Busy and exhausting but we are glad we got to be there for Aunti Em's special day. Max decided he wanted to lend us a hand at the airport on our way home.


Dad Solo said...

Helpful babies are the best! Every time we go to the supermarket, Norah tries to help out by reaching for every single thing she sees. I guess she has a shopping list in her head that includes EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Hey Max !! Well, I am off to see your Great Aunt Maria in Florida!! I am also going to see you Nana and your Aunt Jackie and your cousin Romolo!! I wish I had your help in the airport!! Cute as always!! Love Ya Max!!

Your Cousin Ariana
PS Hello Rich and Amber!!

Lauren and Matt said...

This is hysterical! Can we borrow him once in a while to help us get around?

One Love Photo said...

Can I rent Max for our trips ???!!!