Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's a First Time For Everything

This year we made the journey to NJ for Thanksgiving and this was the first time the table didn't include one piece of pasta on it for Thanksgiving dinner. Shocking, I know! Since we are not headed back again to see the family for a while, we made the most of our visit and crammed as much food, gift giving and fun into our trip as possible.

A Delicious Deep Fried Bird

Every year we do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange and every year Marc asks for only money.  With that said, we couldn't possibly make it easy for him so he was sent out on a fun filled journey through the house and outside to find clues in order to receive his winnings! 

Richard had Marc so needless to say he did NOT make it easy for Marc. 
And to cap it all off, Max helped a bit at the end.  Pun intended.

And Here It Begins
His first clue in a frozen block of ice

This clue is clearly written on the best seat in the house


Last but not least, a rare shot of all three cousins staying still for just a moment!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows I love all things Christmas, not the least of which being eggnog, which I start abusing heavily around Halloween through to the New Year. So imagine my delight/suprise/horror to find that Target has introduced a new viscose diary-based holiday beverage to the season.

That's right, that glass of what appears to be a mixture of gazpacho and Pepto-Bismol is actual Target's Red Velvet Chocolate Milk, AKA "holiday milk"

So how does it taste? I have to give Target credit, this is pretty much what you would imagine a drinkable red velvet cake would taste like. But it does beg a couple a questions...Why would you want to drink a red velvet cake? And since when is red velvet cake a holiday thing? It's not like fruit cake or gingerbread men, people eat red velvet cake all year round. I've never associated it with Christmas before.

All in all an interesting diversion but a nog-killer it is not.