Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yeah! Nana is in Town!

So my mother got in yesterday for a two week visit. And none too soon because apparently I have been doing absoultely everything wrong. Fortunately she is willing to point this out to me continuously throughout the day. I kid, I'm really glad she is here and I know what you are thinking but Amber and my mother actually get along really well. No seriously, they do. Really. Well, you are just going to have to take my word for it. Anyway, Lettie sure does have a lot of energy for a woman her age. Hell, she has got a lot of energy for a woman my age. I am worn out and this is only day one. And believe it or not she is a retired teacher, not a truck driver. Max sure is happy she is here.


Anonymous said...

Hey You mancino People that just so happen to be related to. I love the blog but that is not the real reason I am typing this comment. The real reason I am typing this because Rich I feel for you because you and I are in the same boat; the reason why I say that is because OUR MOTHERS ARE CRAZY!!! They are cut from the same Italian lace!! I saw the little video of you Mother my Aunt doing the exact same thing as my Mother your Aunt would do. Its SCARY!! Anywhoo, I heard the little undertone comment you made when yousaid that it was only day one something along the lines as oh my God or God help me. Thats fine I saw the sme exact thing when my Mother your Aunt comes for two and actually after about a half a week I am ready to kill the woman. So, Rich I feel for you I right there with you. Tell my wonderful and loveing Aunt Lettie that I said hello. I am glad that Max is enjoying his Nana while she is there. Oh yes Rich to save your sanity let her bitch and complain and let her reclean everything even though you think its clean just go a head and let her do it; because if you dont she will drive you bonkers; believe me remeber we have the same exact mother !! Anyway, Tell Amber I said hi say hello to Max for me and give him a tickle for me. Enjoy your Mother while she is there. Love You Guys Your Favotie Cousin on the Puglia side of the Family , Ariana

One Love Photo said...

I love this, I am so glad you are carrying on with the blog.

Snapdragon said...

Oh Shit! Hilarious, I'm always delighted by mothers who swear.