Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Baby that ate Seattle

I swear we feed this kid on a regular basis. But you wouldn't know it the way he is attacking his cereal, and burp cloth, and Nana, and pretty much anything else within arms reach.


One Love Photo said...

Tomorrow meatballs-I love it. You guys are so cute (including mom)!

ari22373 said...

You think Max is eating every thing now you wait until he starts crawling Cayman better protect his food, LOL !! Although poor Cayman he doesnt get fed anyway. So its either Cayman will have to protect his food or Max will have to his food cause the unfed cat will be fed one way or another. Anyways cute video even better because Nana is au natural was on it. Its nice to see Nana so "raw" lol!! I love it. Love You Guys!! Love from you favorite Second cousin on The Puglia side of the family, Ariana