Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Driving Mr. Max

With Amber staying home with Luke it's been my job to drop off and pick up Max from daycare on my way to and from work. And everyday when I come home Amber will inevitably ask me, "How was Max?"

My answer usually ranges somewhere between "ok" and "fine". I mean what is there really to say about 10 minute drive?

But I understand why she asks. Stuck in the house all day with an infant can get monotonus and she just wants to know how her other boys are getting along.

So for her I'm posting this video. It is literally the car drive home from daycare, uneditted and uninterrupted as they say. I can't imagine anyone but Amber being interested in this. Enjoy honey, now you know.


Christa said...

Hey at least you just had wet underwear. When I picked up Allie she had a turd in her Hello Kitty undies.

camandjanice said...

Ok, I tried really hard to video my 5 minute drive home with the boys but there was way too fighting, which lead to way too much foul language, so I just cranked up the Britney Spears and washed it all out. Your drive home is much more pleasant!