Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oppa Shoppa

For the past several months Max has been regularly singing a song we simply refer to as the "Oppa Shoppa song." Max is no stranger to belting out random melodies throughout the day, and normally we're able to decipher his toddlerese after a few bars. But no matter how many times he sings the Oppa Shoppa song we can't figure out what the heck it's suppose to be. We've asked daycare and they have no idea either, although they have admitted to hearing him sing it. It is always the same tune, same words. I've transcribed it below. If you have any idea what this song is please let us know, it's driving me crazy. The only other reasonable explanation I've come up with is that my son is a musical virtuoso and has begun composing orginal scores at age 2.

The Oppa Shoppa Song:

Oppa Shoppa Oppa Shoppa
Needa Needa
Cap Cap Cap


Auntie Em said...

Not sure, I think we need a video of him singing it, though.

Uncle Travis said...

Perhaps a version of:

Frere Jacques, frere Jacques,
Dormez-vous, dormez-vous?
Sonnent les mantines, sonnent les mantines:
Ding-dang-dong, ding-dang-dong!