Thursday, May 6, 2010

Surprise flowers at work for Mom

What a nice surprise to get Mother's Day flowers at work today.  Thank you Max!  I'm very impressed that Max has learned to order flowers but yet still doesn't crawl.  I guess that solidifies the fact that you technically don't have to be mobile to get anything done.

In case you can't read the card this is what it says:
Happy Mother's Day! You are the best Mommy ever! I am one lucky little bald baby boy.  I love you this much. (I'm holding my arms all the way out and grunting)
Dad says he love you too.


ari22373 said...

That is so cute!! I guess Daddy left his cell, credit card and the phone book conviently open to the florist page and in Max arm reach so he can make that magical call and make his Mommie very very happy!!! Well, Happy 1st Mother's Day Amber!!! Thanks for making me a 2nd cousin!!!! Love Ya!!

PS Give a hug to Rich and a hug and a kiss to That cute Bald Headed baby boy thats my 2nd cousin!!!

Nana said...

Richie,you have such a great way with words. I admire it and am jealous of it at the same time. But since you're my son, we'll leave it at admiration and forget the jealousy part.
Happy mother's day to the cutest family around.

One Love Photo said...

Nice job Rich and Amber it's much deserved!!! You guys are such great parents.