Monday, March 22, 2010

The Max Factor

A big thanks to all of you that voted for Max last week!  He made it to round #2.  Now, it is time to get your pointer fingers ready again and vote 10 times each day starting today thru Friday for him.  He is now competing to be in the top 100. 
In case you don't have this link handy, here it is again.

Thanks in advance for all the votes!
Go Max!


Nana said...

Nana is such a good girl. I've been voting every day. You're a winner in my book no matter what. Good luck.

Nana said...

i've voting every day. you're a winner in my book no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Max this is your Favorite Second Cousin thanks to your Nana she has gotten me on the voting band wagon. Actually she tries to brow beat everyone to vote for you. But I do it cause I want to. Either way win or loose you will always be cute but I do hope you beat the pampers and pull-ups off the other kids,LOL!! Love Ya Your Favorite Second Cousin, Ariana