Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a week!

This week was the first week that Max went to daycare. I think it was 10 times harder on us, the parents, then on Max. In fact, I know that was the case. Here are a few pictures to document our past week.
Here is Amber and Max enjoying the sunshine last weekend.  Max actually kept his hat and sunglasses on for the entire outing.

After our nice walk, Max reviewed all the paperwork for daycare and deemed it unexceptable that he have to go.  We gently broke the news to him again, that this was for the best and that he would really love it, we promised.

Then to Max's surprise, he was welcomed home after his first day of daycare with a cookie bouquet from Ama & Ampa.  I think that is when he realized this whole daycare thing wasn't so bad, as long as he got presents when he got home.  He was mesmerized by the bald baby cookie.  He ate that one first.  Then he promptly proceeded to pass out on the couch. 

Phew, what a week it was.  But all in all, we did well, I mean Max did well. 
Let's just hope he doesn't expect cookies everyweek from here on out for going to school.


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