Thursday, February 4, 2010

Head, shoulders, knees and camera...knees and camera

Last weekend, we spent almost the whole day on Sunday in our PJ's.  Correction, Amber spent almost the whole day in her PJ's.  Regardless, here is how we spent a few minutes of our wonderful Sunday together.  Playing a game that we like to call - What will Max think is funny and then promptly try to destroy if he gets his hands on it?
First is was a knee, then it quickly changed to the video camera.  Hope we have insurance on the camcorder.


One Love Photo said...

I love his little teeth:) I think it might be time for pictures.

Nana said...

Look at is mouth when he smiles or laughs. My grandson has such a sexy mouth! Soooooooo cute. Love you Max.

Jessica Shaw said...

I love Max's little laugh, I can't help smiling and laughing along with him! The drool at the end just adds a certain flair.