Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas in New Jersey

Hello all,

We are now 2 days into our 2 week tour of NJ. And by tour I mean Nana's kitchen, Kohls, Marshalls, and Costco. All of which we have already been to at least once already. We would have blogged sooner, but it is always crazy when we first get into town. Made only craizier this time around with the addition of Max and his adorable cousin Romolo (making his debut on the Mancino Chronicles) The weekend is here and we are not sure the next time we are going to get to blog so here is a lovely potpourri of what has been going on so far.

Max & Romolo

Max, Romolo, Amber & Aunt Jackie

Amber & Max Christmas shopping

Max & Uncle Michael

Max & Uncle Marc

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