Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Well today was the first day in almost a week that it hasn't rained and we certainly made the most of it. Personally I love the rain but my mother was starting to go a bit batty. First, of course, the garden. Poor Nana has been practically clawing at the sliding glass door ever since she got out here to get her hands on our tiny but seriously over-grown backyard. So while Max napped we weeded and pruned.

Once Max was up, fed, and changed we were off.

First up, was the Honore Artisan Bakery in Ballard. I heard about this pastry they make called a macaron. And that is not a typo, it is a macaron, not a macaroon. Pretty, delicious, and very difficult to describe.

Next, Chocolopolis in Queen Anne. If there is one thing Nana loves more than gardening it is chocolate. This place is a true mecca for the chocolate lover. The owner was working (she is the one on the left of Nana) and the place was pretty dead so we more or less had her to ourselves. She talked extensively to us about the different kinds of chocolates and let us try sample after sample. It was a lot like wine tasting but with chocolate.

After that it was off to Lowes. Mom wanted to buy some bulbs for the garden. They didn't have what she wanted so we went up to Sky Nursery. That is Max and me in the greenhouse.

At Sky I got a text from Amber that Katy was coming over for dinner tonight so the final stop was to Central market for some bread and dessert. I went with something called a Champagne cake. Yeah, I never heard of it either. Even the girl behind the counter couldn't really describe it. I'm a sucker for strange foods so let's hope it's good.


Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with my blog because I have missed like ten of your posts. Anyway, glad to catch up with your life! Who is the fourth member of the family (on your profile)?

One Love Photo said...

What a YUMMY day! I am taking notes and plan on visiting these spots as soon as I can.