Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More bath footage

Here is another video of Max freaking out in the bath. He loves the bath so much, he just can't contain it.


Anonymous said...

He's like one of those dogs that when you put them near the water, they start kicking thier legs like they are swimming. So cute! Have you taken him into a pool yet? That would be so much fun for him!

Amber said...

Ha, you are so right, he is just like a dog. We haven't taken him to a pool yet. I wasn't sure if they had to be a certain age or anything. I would love to see what he does in a pool though.

Anonymous said...

Hello to my cousins and my new little cousin Max. How are you guys!! OMG!! Max is so cute!! Rich I never thought you had it in you!! But the bath vieos with Max's babykini is so cute. He is going to be crawling soon if he hasn't done so already. Just wanted to say hello to you guys and send love. Give a hug and a kiss for me to the little guy. Bye guys. Oh I guess you would like to know which cousin of Rich's this is huh?? Its Ariana!! PS Max looks like he could start his own baby water exercising class!!