Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kraut Kuchen

For the first time since, well, I can't honestly remember, I made Kraut Kuchen. What is Kraut Kuchen you ask? Kraut Kuchen is a German recipe that my Grandma used to make. It consists of cabbage, onion, and ground beef which is all then stuffed inside dough and then formed into a big wonton for lack of a better image, then baked.

It is yummy.
Or so says Richard at least. I hope he isn't lyiing.
Here is a picture of it.


Anonymous said...

I know I've had those before - maybe at your house? And they ARE yummy! They sound weird, but they are good. Mmmmm. It's not even 9 am and now I'm craving red meat and onions.

corylk said...

I don't have the McIntyres address, but I will try to get it for you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello, My name is Katie Allee. My grandmother has made this recipe a family favorite for generations now! My older Sister found this web site. We have called it "Kraut Krugha" We all love it and always over indulge in this delicatesen! We are from California... were are getting into the holiday season and listing in emails the expected menu fir the holiday gatherings! The picture makes me so hungry!

Anonymous said...

Just made a batch... Labor Day.. My Grandmothers recipe... that I dearly cherish.. I do it by memory .. All from watching & helping .. Take Care... Laurie J.