Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Roaming gnome

In true roaming gnome fashion, I have made even more travel plans. Next month I will head out to Palm Springs with my best friend Emily and her family for almost a week. It is going to be awesome. We will be staying in this great house in the hills. Its going to be great not to have to bundle up before going outside, although I will admit the weather in Seattle hasn't been that bad lately, but still...the sun is always a great thing to look forward to. I will make sure I take plenty of sunscreen since I don't tan per say, more of a burn when I'm in the direct sunlight.
Say goodbye to winter Mr. Gnome and get ready to travel!


camandjanice said...

Hey there! I saw "The Mancino Chronicles" under Heather's blog and I was like, "who the hell are the Mancinos?" So I had to spend a half hour catching up on your posts. Why are you on weight watchers - you look fabulous! Have you noticed the lack of self-photos on my site? It serves a purpose. :) So much travel, I am so jealous. Can't wait until the kiddos are a little more flexible so we can adventure again! Keep up the good work!

corylk said...

Me too! Love the blog. The house looks like heaven. Can't believe we get hang out blog style!