Friday, January 18, 2008

The Tube

I was fortunate enough to boondoggle on a trip to London with my best friends Emily and Nathan about a year ago. We had a great time. We saw tons of stuff. Not nearly everything, but still, tons for only being there 5 days.

On one of our adventures on the subway, or as the local limies say, "The Tube", I found myself smashed like a sardine at the back of the train.

Next to me was this guy that wasn't the most friendly of guys. This picture cracks me up because I was the one that was so not wanting to be there, and here is this guy that has the balls to give me a dirty look for being so close to him. Jeez.

As I always do, I powered thru it with a smile as seen below in this picture.

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One Love Photo said...

YEA! Welcome to blog land. Oh the TUBE is crazy, isn't it? Luckily Jon knew how to navigate under ground in London because I was so confused the whole time on the Tube. London is just brilliant!

Love, Heather