Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Carmel 2007

On this very cold night in January, as I try my hardest to keep my core body temperature above freezing, I am reminded of how nice and warm it was on our trip to Carmel, CA this past summer. It was great. Perfect temperatures both day and night. Here are a few great pics from that long weekend getaway.

This is us at sunset down at the beach

The Mystery Spot was very cool. I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself driving from the San Jose Airport to Carmel on highway 101.

Again, stopping along the way to Carmel on the coast. Amazed as we watch kite surfers.

Here is a video of this really cool rainbow jellyfish we saw at the Monterey Aquarium

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One Love Photo said...

I love Carmel, it is such a cute little artsy place. Jon and I slept in the van on the side of the street in the middle of town. I can't believe we got away with it. I get to go to California the weekend after next. Hopefully I will get a little sunny day on the beach to help me make it through this winter! I think the worst is almost over (fingers crossed)!